It's hotting up

I won't bore you with just how cold it is here in my little office, but it is hotting up on the competition front.

I am just waiting for a little more feedback on a few entries and we will be able to finalise and communicate which entries have made the shortlist.  

We are aware that means good news for some, and not for others, but veryone should receive an email within the next day or so.

It may have seemed something of a long process to some, but we want to do it thoroughly and we do rely on volunteers to help us.  They have done a wonderful job.

Their selected entries will now go forward for further consideration by a small panel, and we will decide on the final stories for our anthology of Dorset shorts within the next few weeks.

Thank you again to everyone who has entered. We have been offered up a great range or styles, topics and ideas - and we feel ever more confident that it will result in a book to be proud of.

Shortlist coming soon

Hello folks.  Sorry it has been a while since we posted, especially as I know a few of those who entered stories are anxious to know how we are progressing.

Well, we are still busy reading through all the entries we received from across the county, and the good news is that we are right on schedule to have our short list ready - as promised - by the end of February.

We have allowed plenty of time for this task as we want to ensure that every entry is read  and assessed by at least two of our readers independently before reaching a  decision on whether to put a story forward for the next stage.

Our greatest concern was that would not attract enough material good enough for publication. Thankfully that is not the case.  We have a good number of stories that stand out for publication, and many where the readers have some divergence of opinion - which will be the subject of some debate.

Once upon a while ago, when I used to publish a short story magazine, the decision to place a submission of the “Yes” “No” or “Maybe” stack could be pretty much instant - often based on an impression made within the first few sentences.

However, for the Dorset Writers’ Award, every submission is being read once, twice, three times - sometimes more, such is the care our readers taking and the responsibility they feel for giving every tale a fair chance of being included in the final mix.

We will be in contact soon with everyone again to soon with the latest information.