Doing stuff, and not

The good news is, we are booked in for at least two festivals - Sturminster Newton Literary Festival and Shaftesbury Fringe -  in the coming few months, and organising another couple of events to promote our book, Dorset Shorts.

We believe that taking part in events like these will present our best opportunity of boosting sales, outside of bookshop and online activity. I hope we are right.

I took a drive to visit the Shaftesbury venues (Gold Hill Museum and Coffee#1) just over a week ago, and met with local author Elizabeth Woodgate.  

The venues look excellent, and we are very excited about it. The challenge now is to make our two Bite-Size Stories events really go well.

We will have a good chance to try out our model when we take part in the Sturminster Newton Literary Festival on June 15, and hopefully put on an another Bite Size at the Little Red Roaster coffee house in Poole.

The not so good news is that everything seems to take an age, and while feeling positive about what is being achieved, I beat myself up daily about all the stuff I am not doing while doing other stuff.

I know we could do with more outlets for the book... and that I could do with writing this blog more often... and that I haven’t tweeted in an age (and I have just reading an article about how being up-to-speed on social media is an absolute must for the small publisher)... and that... Oh well. 

I also need to chase up the library services in the two Dorset councils. I left review copies with them but heard nothing back, which has surprised me. Also, a promised feature in the Bournemouth Echo still hasn’t appeared. I don’t know why.

The book is now up for sale on Amazon, and KB Willson - another of our authors - has set us up on Goodreads, if anyone cares to comment. Getting good reviews on these things can be a real boost to sales.

It is also very satisfying that we have received so many positive comments on all aspects of our “little gem”, from the quality of the stories to the design.

Sales: 74

Bookshops: 62

Other: 125