Musings and Coffees in a Little Cafe

Words and music...


First thing in the morning, the espresso machine fired up, the coffee on, and the grinders set for the first orders of the day, the radio is switched off, and whoever is working the early shift chooses the first record of the day to play on our little red record player (we like to keep to our theme).

The first notes drift out of the speakers, and I enjoy the surprise (usually).

Everyone has their own taste, so we have a small but eclectic collection of vinyl. Our days can begin with anything from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to Rhythm & Blues All Stars. (Someone brought in a copy of Dirty Dancing - but I’ve tried to hide it).

This morning began with Joe Cocker  singing Marjorine - like so many great songs: a short story to music.

We like eclectic.

That’s what we are hoping for with our short story competition: an eclectic mix of tales by Dorset writers - our favourites to be publish in a book next year.