Writing by moonshine

I’m feeling guilty. It’s Walter Mosley what's done it.

I was reading through some articles written by writers about writers and writing (you know, one of those things you do to avoid writing), and dwelt upon a few pearls from pen of Walter, writer (that word again) - let's say, author of some great American crime novels (whodunnits).

Walter Mosley has a very simple piece of advice: writers need to write every day - every day (that repetition is emphasis - a not a mistake).

Mark Twain, as I recall reading somewhere, had a very similar piece of advice for some budding authors who had come along to just to hear the great man speak. “If you want to be a writer, you should be at home writing,” he told them.  They could have saved a few bob if he had put that on the poster.

Budding authors love advice - something to lean on.  I was at the library one day when I noticed there was to be a talk on the topic of “Ten tips on how to get yourself published.”

Now, you know that Tip Number 1 is always going to be: write something (worth publishing). And so, unsurprisingly, it was.

I looked along the rows of brightly coloured, plastic chairs and saw three people write that on their pads. Now that was a surprise.

Writing something worth publishing is a challenge for us all, of course.  Walter Mosley says, and many agree, that the only way of achieving that is to write something everyday.  Even if what you write every day is not worth publishing - eventually what you write might be.

So, riven by guilt or spurred on by positivity, I am taking a few moments out from all the other distractions of my everyday to write something, today.

Thank you, Walter Mosley.

PS... Another great quote I found today (it's on posters, even)

'Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.' - Anton Chekov.

Now that is great advice.  Well worth writing down on my pad and remembering.

I’ll just going to get a coffee, and get down to it.