Dorset People Writing

Pick of the day:  A Spiel Amang Us - The Scotia Bar Writers' Prize

Excitement builds at Dorset Writers’ Prize HQ as the first entries for the short story competition hit the inbox.   

It can be a struggled to make your voice heard above the din on Twitter and Blogsphere. Interviews on the BBC make an impact, but we know that if people are not listening at the time of broadcast then it can all be missed.

So we have put out a plea to anyone reading this, or our tweets (we are still getting used to that) or our Facebook page, to please spread the word.  There are people out there who would appreciate knowing about there competition.

Speaking on the Breakfast In Dorset programme last week, I mentioned (again) the inspiration provided by the Scotia Bar Writers' Prize for launching out own version of the competition.

I have been making sure to read stories from it since a fresh copy arrived in the post. What a lovely selection of stories they chose - together capturing something of the culture, place and people about which they were written - mostly Glasgow

The winning tale was Medowsweet - An Allegory,  J.E. MacInnes, a touching story of an elderly woman’s determination to determine her own fate.  

Another story. which has stayed in my memory for more than 20 years (praise indeed for any writer), is The Gong Show by David Kilby.  He caught the atmosphere and tension of someone’s first attempt at stand-up comedy, just right. 

We really hope we can achieve something similar with our invitation to get Dorset people writing.